Dec 15, 2011

A Life's Experience

This is a pastel drawing done this past semester at the UW art program. I find themes like life, wisdom, experience, perspective, and apparently old bearded dudes very interesting.

Sep 26, 2011

Space Pace (In Progress)- Original Tune

Here is another of my tracks. I began this one experimenting with a drum and bass tempo and it all kinda fell into place! I will definitely be doing more of this kinda stuff, it was way fun to make and it always makes me move my feet!

There is more to do on this track, I plan on posting a finished version sometime...

Space Pace by Ozzy Dubbs

Sep 22, 2011

La Lune - Original Tune

Wow long time no post! I've been quite busy moving back to the states, getting back into school, and all that jazz! But that doesn't mean I haven't had time for some drawing and production!
Below is a new track of mine called 'La Lune'. Its more ambient and progressive than the last few i've done, and it was a ton of fun to make. Give it a listen and I hope you enjoy it!

La Lune by Ozzy Dubbs

Jun 5, 2011

Ink Doodle - Parasitic Hosts

Here is one with a ballpoint pen (and pencil on the table)
Its supposed to be some kind of progression of growth over several bodies... or something.

May 28, 2011

Mirrored Drawing - Finger Face

This is a pencil (and some charcoal) drawing of mine featuring a man with a mouthful of mutations.
I first drew this one pretty asymmetrically, and thought it would be cool to make symmetrical versions of each side in photoshop.
Above is the result! (I prefer the bottom drawing)

May 16, 2011

Alles Neu - Peter Fox (Ozzy Dubbs Remix)

Alles Neu (Ozzy Dubbs Remix) by OZZY DUBBS

Here is a tune I worked for many moons on. I have much to learn about mastering, but I am pretty happy with the way this one turned out.

See video below for irritating but synchronized action!! (Beginning around 1:13)

Listen to the original song by Peter Fox HERE.

Visit My Soundcloud If you have problems with the player above.

May 8, 2011

Big Face - Wheatpaste

This was is my first attempt at wheatpasting. The face began as vector art I made in illustrator printed on a piece of A0 paper. I used black marker and spray paint for most of the value. the speech bubble is just spray paint on paper. The face alone is about 3 feet wide X 4.5 feet tall. Its up on a friend's terrace, and I assume some good Netherlands rain should peel it off eventually.